Fire and Water Restoration Contractors

Fire and water restoration contractors face many environmental exposures in their daily operations. From a small job for a burst pipe, to a massive project in the aftermath of a major disaster, these contractors often work in challenging and dangerous environments. Minor faulty workmanship can lead to mold and other toxic claims when properties are not successfully remediated. 
The standard General Liability form excludes pollution, and as such, it is important for fire and water restoration contractors to purchase Pollution Liability.  A pollutant is defined as any solid, liquid, gaseous or thermal irritant or contaminant.  At ALTA, we offer many combinations of coverage to address nearly every pollution concern for a restoration contractor.
ALTA Risk’s environmental insurance products protect policyholders from bodily injury, property damage, clean-up expenses, and other costs associated with the release of contaminants into the environment. Through our A.M. Best A- XI rated carrier, we offer several coverage solutions for remediation contractors.

Fire and Water Restoration Contractors Products of Interest

Contractors General Liability, Pollution Liability & Professional Liability (CGL/CPL/PL)

Our signature package product is designed for contractors with at least 50% of their revenue derived from environmental operations.  The package provides General Liability, Contractors Pollution Liability, and Professional Liability.

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Contractors Pollution Liability (CPL)

Our Contractors Pollution Liability Coverage is designed to protect insureds from damages caused by Pollution Conditions arising from the insured’s operations.

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Contractors Pollution and Professional Liability (CPL/PL)

The combined Contractors Pollution and Professional Liability form is designed for trade contractors with limited professional liability coverage.

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Transportation Pollution Liability (TPL)

Our Transportation Pollution Liability form is designed to insure pollution liability associated with environmental trucking and hauling risks.

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Follow Form Excess

Our follow form excess product sits over our underlying GL, CPL, and PL package policies and ALTA can write over another carrier’s Auto and Employers Liability.

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What to Know About Endorsements and Exclusions

In addition to writing the CGL and CPL lines, some contractors may have other exposures that can be addressed by adding endorsements. Learn more about available endorsements by clicking on our product pages.

Claims Scenario

A restoration contractor was hired to remediate a high-end custom home after a pipe ruptured in an upstairs bathroom, causing water damage throughout the first floor. After the contractor completed the job, the homeowner sued the company upon learning that mold had developed behind the drywall. The claimant alleged the toxic mold led to a bodily injury. Under the standard GL pollution exclusion, coverage for this type of claim would be excluded. Under a Contractors Pollution Liability policy, the restoration contractor would have coverage for any environmental or pollution issue.

Recent Success

In August 2019, an ALTA-insured emergency response contractor in Oregon responded to fire damage at a high-value home as a result of a lightning strike during a recent severe storm. Not only was the interior severely damaged from the fire, but there was additional water damage from having to put out the flames. Luckily, the contractor took quick steps to mitigate any further damage to the house. Additionally, ALTA's policy addressed any subsequent environmental concerns or pollutants while the contractor finished remediating the property. The package policy was $11,697 and the insured has renewed with Alta since 2019.

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