Environmental Consultants

Environmental consultants work in a variety of industries, ensuring that environmental compliance regulations are properly enforced. From waste management and hazardous-material consulting to property assessments and environmental reports for regulatory agencies, consultants are vital to the environmental industry.

Services offered by environmental consultants include: 

  • Phase I, II, III Reports
    • Assess property for pollution conditions
  • Soil Sampling
    • Provide soil and water analysis to determine safety risk
  • Hazardous-Material Consulting, including mold, lead and asbestos
    • Provide guidance on removal of toxic contaminants
  • Storage-Tank Consulting
    • Ensure tanks are in legal compliance
  • Health & Safety Consulting
    • Training and education regarding legal and environmental compliance
  • Expert Witness and Litigation Support
    • Provide legal testimony on environmental matters
  • Air Monitoring
    • Testing air for concentrations of various gases
  • Analytical Labs
    • Analysis of samples provided for inspection
  • Environmental Feasibility Studies
    • Consulting of land usage potential
  • Environmental Impact Studies
    • Analysis of potential impacts to the environment
  • Environmental Regulatory, Permitting, and Compliance
    • Ensure compliance with zoning, permit, and environmental regulations

Environmental Consultants Products of Interest

Contractors General Liability, Pollution Liability & Professional Liability (CGL/CPL/PL)

Our signature package product is designed for contractors with at least 50% of their revenue derived from environmental operations.  The package provides General Liability, Contractors Pollution Liability, and Professional Liability.

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Contractors Pollution Liability (CPL)

Our Contractors Pollution Liability Coverage is designed to protect insureds from damages caused by Pollution Conditions arising from the insured’s operations.

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Contractors Pollution and Professional Liability (CPL/PL)

The combined Contractors Pollution and Professional Liability form is designed for trade contractors with limited professional liability coverage.

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Follow Form Excess

Our follow form excess product sits over our underlying GL, CPL, and PL package policies and ALTA can write over another carrier’s Auto and Employers Liability.

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What to Know About Endorsements and Exclusions

In addition to writing the CGL and CPL lines, some contractors may have other exposures that can be addressed by adding endorsements. Learn more about available endorsements by clicking on our product pages.

Claims Scenario

A consultant hired to perform Phase I, II, and III site assessments was sent to an old industrial property. The consultant evaluated the property for contaminants and concluded that there was little to no contamination. After the property was sold to an investor, an old underground tank was found that required removal and remediation. The new property owner sued the consultant for expenses and damages.

Recent Success

In January 2022, a small wetlands consultant was beginning to start up operations.  Having left a larger firm, the insured was a sole proprietor looking to build an independent business using their professional expertise.  Operating in various locations throughout the mountain west, ALTA helped provide Environmental Professional Liability coverage for the consultant to begin their business.  The total account premium was $2,750 and the account was renewed in January 2023.

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