Underwriters that Go Above and Beyond

ALTA RISK, LLC is an underwriting manager for specialty insurance products. By taking a unique and creative approach to underwriting niche business, ALTA's seasoned underwriters have left their mark on the industry.  Our underwriters have a combined 100+ years of industry experience and are strategically located across the United States to provide select wholesale brokers with coverage solutions for underserved risks.


Our Target Classes


Environmental Contractors

Environmental contractors face many exposures from their daily operations, such as faulty workmanship, operational exposures, transportation liability & improper waste handling.

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Renewable Energy Contractors and Consultants

Renewable energy contractors and consultants operate in a fast-growing industry and often face many environmental exposures.

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Environmental Transportation for Haulers

Businesses that transport environmental contaminants in their daily operations face many pollution exposures, such as bodily injury, property damage or clean-up expenses.

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Environmental Consultants

Environmental consultants work in a variety of industries, ensuring that environmental compliance regulations are properly enforced.

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Fire and Water Restoration Contractors

From a small job for a burst pipe, to a massive project in the aftermath of a major disaster, these contractors often work in challenging and dangerous environments.

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Excess Target Classes

Construction, manufacturing, real estate, and specialty auto are industries prone to needing additional coverage to protect themselves against catastrophic claims.

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Our Programs

Environmental Liability Programs:

Learn more about our specific insurance programs related to environmental liability.

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Excess Liability Programs:

Learn more about our specific insurance programs related to excess liability.

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